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Free PD workshops

We are educators who are committed to transforming K-12 education with technology and we know that the best way to educate more kids in STEM fields is to empower others who are striving towards the same goals.
The Coder Kidz education team can support professional learning tailored to school and curriculum needs for all year levels from prep to heighschool and a variety of professional learning formats can be arranged, incorporating staff-led workshops, problem-based challenges, project design and support, teacher and student co-learning models, and exhibition explorations.

With particular expertise in STEM, digital technologies, examples of professional learning topics include:

  • Programming with Scratch and Makey Makey
  • Programming with Arduino & Raspberry Pi & Particle Photon
  • Programming robots using Scratch and Eve
  • 3D design and 3D printing
  • Computational thinking and systems thinking
  • Design thinking in the classroom
  • Web Development
  • Programming in C# & TypeScipt
At Coder Kidz quality is our main priority and all our PD workshop attendees will have unlimited access to our latest training materials as well as support provided by our mentors to develop their own customised curriculum.