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Our Story

In September 2016, Our founders William and Alex began with a simple mission: to provide students with high-energy, hands-on technology education in a curriculum based workshop setting.
Since our inception, we’ve held our youth programs at highest quality to emphasize the importance of higher education and to increase each student’s likelihood of attending these pathways at college in the near future.

Alex Jacobs is currently is the lead of a software development team building e-commerce solutions for medium and large businesses. Working as a software engineer for past 14 years he has extensive knowledge in this field and he is passionate about sharing his knowledge with next generation of coders.
As the lead mentor at CoderDojo Brisbane, Alex has been involved in mentoring kids 7-17 and teaching them various coding skills from Scratch to Web Development in past 3 years and some of his ninjas are now youth mentors at coder Dojo.

William Douglas is the National Business Process Trainer for a Sales Organisation and has a fair amount of experience in developing and delivering training to a wide variety of people. He has also been a mentor, lead mentor and organiser in other code based mentoring programs for a number of years prior to starting Coder Kidz.
Although he doesn’t currently work in an IT or software related field, he has been coding on and off since he was about 10, and is constantly finding cool ways that understanding code can help him solve problems and improve on his work.

A Purpose-Driven Company

At all our workshops we pay close attention to the details you care about: risk management, hand-selected mentors, personalized instruction, and new friendships forged in a stimulating, collegiate setting. We blend traditional workshops with visionary technology programs to create a unique and effective educational experience.

As you explore our site, you’ll also gain a deeper understanding of things that we believe in beyond tech: bridging the Digital Divide with our Coder Kidz Scholarship Program, giving back with community service, and ensuring the best possible environment for both students and mentors.

Company Vision & Goals

By 2018:
  • Currently 33% of our workshop students are female. We will continue advocating for girls in STEM with a goal of achieving 50/50 parity.
  • Nearly 5,000 students will pass through our programs annually.
  • We will democratize STEM education with a large online and national following.
  • We will champion individual outcomes for each of our students, one experience at a time.
  • We will remember our roots.