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Mentor at a Dojo

What’s involved when registering as a volunteer mentor?
Volunteer Mentors are integral to the success of each CoderDojo session. All it takes is a few hours of your time over a few Saturdays. If you’re bringing your child anyway, it’s even easier. Mentors should ideally possess:

The willingness to create and deliver content passionately and interactively
A desire to encourage kids to take an interest in coding
An ability to think on your feet – kids can ask some very interesting and challenging questions.
Anyone can be a mentor. You don’t need to be an expert in coding – all you need is a passion for helping kids learn. If you have an interest in coding, technology and programming, that’s a bonus!

The mentors’ role is to:
Guide and assist participants
Let us know of any suitable and interesting guest speakers
Provide feedback and input into format and content
Spread the word to encourage others to become volunteer mentors.

Becoming a Lead Mentor
An opportunity exists for a volunteer Lead Mentor at each CoderDojo Brisbane site. The role of the Lead Mentor is to take the lead in:

Ensuring the room is set up on the day of the session
Facilitating the session: welcoming kids to seats, organizing demonstrations from the kids throughout the session, announcing lunch breaks and concluding the sessions
Driving the plan of attack ahead of each session: organizing demonstrations to show the kids/the focus of the session
Encouraging other mentors to facilitate and/or run demos during each session
Keeping CoderDojo Brisbane in the loop
Learn more about some of our amazing mentors who have volunteered at previous CoderDojo Brisbane sessions.

If you’re interested in becoming a Lead Mentor at a particular CoderDojo Brisbane site, or if you’d just like to find out more, let us know here.