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Web Design And Development Courses

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Web Design And Development Courses for Kids & Teens

The advent of the world wide web is perhaps the most important technological development that had taken place in the past few decades, and it has provided a great avenue for children to gain knowledge and learn new skills. The Internet has become an essential part of many people’s lives, because it makes it possible for people to perform business transactions and work duties, improve their knowledge, take part in recreational activities, and make new friends without leaving their homes. As such, it is beneficial for children to learn how internet and websites they use day to day works at an early age.

AGES 9-17

Introduction To Web Development

  • Duration: 3 Weekends
  • Level: Beginner

AGES 10-17

Single page applications with Aurelia

  • Duration: 6 Weekends
  • Level: Intermediate - Advanced

AGES 13-17

Web Development with Asp.Net Core

  • Duration: 6 Weekends
  • Level: Intermediate - Advanced