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Go Social! Go Mobile! There's an App for That!

Smartphones, tablets, Facebook, Google Maps, computers, and robots all run on software applications, making coding and app development some of today's most sought-after skills. According to CNN Money, jobs in “software architecture” are predicted to show an impressive 10-year growth rate of 34%—and are the top-ranked industry category.

Want to discover the building blocks behind it all? We offer many programming camps and coding classes for kids and teens. Kick-start your dream career and learn from experienced instructors who are passionate about computer science!

AGES 10-17

TypeScript Programming

  • Duration: 5 Weekends
  • Level: Beginner

AGES 10-17

C# Programming

  • Duration: 6 Weekends
  • Level: Beginner

AGES 7 -17

Coding with Robotics

  • Duration: 2 Sessions
  • Level: Beginner