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  • question_answerWhat is CoderKidz?

    CoderKidz is a not for profit and volunteer-led organization founded in Brisbane with the goal of advancing education and understanding in a number of fields including software and web development, electronics, robotics and 3D design.

    See our About page for more information.

  • question_answerWhere are you based?

    Coder Kidz team is based in Brisbane. Our team here formed in 2016 and we’ve been growing ever since!

  • question_answerWhere are your workshop venues?

    Coder Kidz workshops run at council libraries and schools and community spaces.


  • question_answerWhat experience my child need to have to attend a Coder Kidz workshop?

    Being able to work with Scratch is our entry level requirement for all courses.

  • question_answerIs my child required to bring their own laptop to each session?

    At this stage, all participants are required to bring their own laptop to sessions. As the program evolves, there may be an opportunity for participants to use PCs already on site at some locations.


  • question_answerAs a parent, what am I expected to do at the workshop sessions?

    There will be plenty of space for you to sit with your child to help them problem solve or just provide encouragement.
    All our mentors are current blue card holders, but parents of kids and teens under 13 should not leave the venue building during the workshop.

  • question_answerI have experience in coding myself. Can I become a Mentor?

    We absolutely welcome and encourage parents with coding experience to get involved as Mentors.


  • question_answerHow can I get involved?

    There are a number of ways! We are always looking for mentors and supporters.


  • question_answerCan my company sponsor Coder Kidz?

    Yes! If you are a company interested in sponsoring us, please get in touch via our contact form.
    Your contribution may be financial, or you may be able to encourage your talented staff to volunteer!

  • question_answerI'm from the press, can I have an interview about Coder Kidz?

    Yes! Please contact us to say hello.