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Who we are

#1 In Tech Education

Offering tech education for kids and teens since 2016, we are the #1 not for profit tech camp in Australia, based on the variety of pathways in technology and student age range we offer.
But here’s what really matters: we engage hundreds of kids and teens in STEM each year, and help them discover and pursue their passions. That’s the power of internalDrive. Read on to discover the many ways Coder Kidz does things differently.


What Makes Coder Kidz Unlike Anything Else?


Street Cred - Coder Kidz Was Founded By Real Techpreneurs
Alex and William, our team of techpreneurs (Co-Founder and CEO, respectively) bootstrapped the company as a not for profit to make sure education of kids and teens always remains the first priority. Answering phone calls at 3 am? Yes. Emailing marketing brochures from school to school? Yes. Developing course materials? Yes. Doing whatever it takes—that’s internalDrive. We know what it is like to run a startup, risk everything, finance expenses on credit cards, and put our students, parents, and employees first. Our vision is to provide the best individualized, high-energy, hands-on technology education that any coding club could offer. Something unique—unlike anything else. It’s still our mission today.


3:1 Ratio Guarantee - The Coder Kidz Pedagogy
Thirty students per teacher? Not at Coder Kidz. We know that you have your own unique way of learning. We guarantee just 3 students per instructor. Our 3:1 concept fosters personalized learning. We’re completely un-school. We encourage you to get up out of your seat. To work with your peers. To ask tons of questions. You’ll receive personalized instruction in a collaborative setting. Music will be playing. Instructors will be inspiring. Technology will be learned.

From the moment you enter our workshops, the experience is hands-on. We’ll challenge you, guide you, and encourage you to experiment. You’ll engage in self-paced blended learning. Beginner or advanced, you’ll focus on one course topic per session, build your online portfolio, and debut your final project at the end of the workshops.
We want you to leave camp with relevant 21st-century skills. With a balance of computer time and fun, you’ll think critically, problem-solve, collaborate, and socialize. Discover what you love doing. We’ll show you how to run with it—at your pace.

Hip, Tech-Savvy mentors
Our instructors are passionate about teaching technology—this is a must. We recruit industry professionals, graduate students, and upper-level undergraduates majoring in Robotics, Computer Science, Engineering, Education, Media Arts, Game Development, and other related fields. Many Coder Kidz alumni return to “pay it forward” once they’re qualified to do so. We’ve respectfully enacted a “No Counselors-In-Training” policy to ensure our courses are led by carefully-selected adult-only staff.

Unmatched Curriculum
Our full-time, year-round, dedicated Education Department helps set us apart. This team is comprised of super-techie computer jockeys who take the coolest, most relevant industry-standard software and construct courses around it. Modding & programming with Minecraft? 3D modeling & animation with Autodesk products? Game Design? Web Development and Robotics? You’re in the right place. We offer over 15 of the coolest courses imaginable. And they’re structured around you.

At our workshops, we use professional, brand-name products from tech leaders including Adobe, Apple, Google, and Microsoft. We’ve fostered long-term relationships with these companies to ensure our courses will always be built around the industry’s best.

A Purpose-Driven Company
It's no secret that we're deeply committed to the success of all students who pass through our programs each year. We're also dedicated to giving back to our communities. Learn more about the social and educational initiatives that make us who we are:

Coder Kidz Scholarship Program
Movement for More Girls in STEM
3:1 Student-to-Instructor Ratio Guarantee

Unique Culture Of Innovation
Our company culture is fast-paced, hip, and centred around the art of innovation. We live in tech. Breathe tech. Build tech. In fact, our family of innovators has developed many of the tools you use at workshops. Our Online Registration System, Mobile Check-In App for staff, Robots we are using, Eve Framework, and course curricula were all created in-house. That’s real innovation at work! Many of our year-round mentors began as students, became instructors, and have come full circle to direct a workshop or work as a team member. Every year, we’re excited to announce new courses, new locations, and lots of cools innovations.

Commitment To Safety & Risk Management
Criminal background checks, sexual offender checks, and personal AND professional references are mandatory for all mentors. We regularly evaluate our instructors to make sure our high standards are met. You evaluate them too. Trains, planes, and automobiles deliver staff to required regional training sessions prior to the start of each workshop season. The well-being of our students and staff is worth the extra miles. It equates to peace-of-mind for parents.

Flexibility For The Modern Parent
You’ve got a lot going on. Life is very busy—we totally get it. Here’s how we help:

No Lines: Check-in should take no more than 5 minutes. Through technology and innovation, our concept of “line-ology” has been carefully studied, and lines have pretty much gone the way of the dinosaurs. A little nerdy, we know. But we know that if we can save you time, you’ll love us.
Okay to Make Changes: If you enroll for a workshop today but need to make changes because of vacation, work commitments, etc… no problem. And no change fees up until 3 days to the start of your workshops.
Mobile Ready: All the new “tech tools” we build (Online Registration, My Account,...) are designed with mobile in mind. So, if you need to do everything via your phone or tablet from the dentist’s office, you’ll be able to—quickly and easily.
These are some of the things that make us unique. At Coder Kidz, many of us (including our founders) have young families. We ask ourselves, “Would we send our own kids to Coder Kidz?”
The answers are “yes, we would” and “yes, we do.” We strive to provide the best for your family and ours.

We hope that after attending one of our programs, you’ll reflect back on your experience as you graduate high school. As you pack your bags for college. As you continue learning and growing, taking the leap toward your first “real” job or launching your own company. Roads originating at Coder Kidz lead to real opportunities. Take what you love and dedicate your life to it. That’s what it’s all about. That’s the Coder Kidz Difference.